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Quick Tip: How to Mark a Dart – Quickly, Easily, Accurately

As I sit and sew alone, like most of you do, too, I find that I have so many things I want to share with the sewing community. Some of them you may already be familiar with, but if not, they may be game changers for you, so I have to share! I hope you enjoy this quick tip on how to easily and accurately mark darts.

Step 1

Put a 12” x 12” corkboard underneath the dart to be marked, with the pattern still in place and attached. Insert pins through all thicknesses at the dart tip, midway through the dart legs, and at the dart leg/seam allowance intersections. Here is a quick video demonstrating the process.

This is what the marks should look like after completing Step 1.

Step 2

On the wrong side of the fabric, line up a see-through ruler along one dart leg’s marking points and draw a line with your removable marker. Repeat for the other dart leg.

Use a ruler as a guide to mark the line.


Both dart legs drawn in.

That’s it!!! Easy, right?

Happy Sewing!

Christine Groom
Owner/Designer, ZigZag Designs